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Spring Cleaning Ends with a Shower

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

As we all prepare to "spring forward" most of us also anticipate the obligatory "spring clean." It helps us to reset ... but what then? Well, I'd like to encourage the conversation to refresh your decor. But start small and simple - your bathroom.

Why the bathroom? Because it is a space that is typically used multiple times a day. It is where form meets function. It is the place you begin to prepare to take on the day. It is one of the final places you visit to unwind from the day. Lastly, it is a small area to infuse change without being too overwhelming.

Here are the categories to keep in mind when beginning your bathroom restyling:

1) Linens

2) Hardware

3) Accessories

Start with your linens. Update your towels to a white or natural-toned towel. While this may seem like an underwhelming addition, you can instantly make your space feel like a spa or high-end resort by making this switch. Here's the reason why: the eye instantly reads that white linen as "clean". Who doesn't want that for their bathroom? If a solid color feels bland to you, use a natural/white towel with a simple pattern.

(A little side note: we're getting ready to launch this towel set and other equally amazing sets to sell on our shop. Contact Us to find out more.)

Now let's talk about where you are hanging that brand new towel set. Find a unique way to display and dry properly them. Ensure you towels are an intentional part of your design. Examples of this would be draping your towel across an edge your bathtub or hanging a row of hooks to create a focal point in the space. If you are one of the lucky few of us who has excessive wall space in their bathroom, know we're all green with envy. Take advantage by adding a feature wall, like wallpaper or wainscoting to add some personality to the space versus just hanging a picture on the wall. As you can see in the below image, I installed a custom oversized metal ladder and draped the linens versus folding them neatly to create some visual interest to the area.

The last thing can be a little tricky to navigate, but makes a big difference in producing a finished space: Accessories!

  • Hand Soap: Be thoughtful and purposeful about your handsoap container. Not to say you have to go and buy something to refill, but think of your color scheme. Should you have a bright orange liquid soap sitting on your counter? If you don't want to refill a container - I'm included in that group - plan a fun night out at your local @WilliamsSonoma to find some hand soap that coordinates with the look of your space and delights your nose.

  • Greens: It is SO important for you to include plants in your space. It will surprise you how much it will bring it to life. It adds texture and color, in a soft way. Consider placing a plant on the floor next to your bathtub or adding a plant to your counter.

  • Containers: If you tend to have your perfumes or beauty regimen on your bathroom counter, edit it back to only the essentials being out. Next, find a container to hold the items, so it feels purposeful. This could be a tray or a shallow, opened box. The key here is make it feel like you want people to see it versus it looking like you just don't have a place for it in a drawer.

Below is an example of how adding a few simple items that are thoughtfully placed can transform a bathroom.

Share your space and story!

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